Product info

Delicious sweets from Tottori produced by a professional vegetable shop

A product that can be made because it is a vegetable market that lasts 80 years.
Toa Fruits & Vegetables has been a market that is loved by the region and has been responsible for the distribution of fruits and vegetables in Tottori Prefecture.
Tottori Prefecture, where we live, is blessed with a natural environment that ranks first in starlit sky observation throughout the country.
Using fruits and vegetables grown in blessed nature,
they are processed by themselves without leaving any ingredients.
We named such a product filled with our commitment and affection as "Daisensodachi",
Delivered to everyone nationwide

Commitment to "Haru Haruka"

On the Yumigahama Peninsula in Tottori Prefecture, drainage and sweet potatoes grew well,
and sweet potato cultivation became popular since the late Edo period.
Sweetness is further condensed by storing sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes harvested in mid-September are stored
for about three more months and processed into the best condition.


Sweetpotato baumkuchen
1,100yen(Tax not included)

The sweet potato paste was kneaded into the dough and baked in layers. Please enjoy the slightly fragrant potato flavor.
★Approximately 15cm / With easy cut sheet

Sweet potato warabi mochi
280yen / 1piece (Tax not included)

Plenty of dietary fiber with high-quality bracken flour and sweet potato paste.
An elegant sweet warabi mochi.

Sweet potato dorayaki
200 yen /1 piece (Tax not included)

Dried sweet potatoes and Hokkaido anko are combined into a savoryand baked dough kneaded with Mie Prefecture Ise Shiori and Tokushima Prefecture Wasanbon Sugar.

Sweet potato buffel
200yen/ 1piece(Tax not included)

Sweet potato paste and vanilla cream made by Suzuya original method were combined, and sandwiched between cookie dough with plenty of cream and butter.

Sweetpotato Daifuku 200yen(Tax not included)

This is a collaboration product of "Dangoya  Mone",
a Japanese confectionery section of "Mochishop Ikegami" in Yonago, Tottori Prefecture for 60 years. )